What is Proposition D and what will I see in the voting booth?

Proposition D is a statutory referendum to fund Missouri state law enforcement and maintenance for highways, bridges, roads and streets. Because Prop D was referred to the statewide ballot by the General Assembly, Missouri voters have the final say on this important measure. Here is the ballot language you will see in the voting booth on November 6th: Ballot Summary: "Shall Missouri law be amended to fund Missouri state law enforcement by increasing the motor fuel tax by two and one half cents per gallon annually for four years beginning July 1, 2019, exempt Special Olympic, Paralympic, and Olympic prizes from state taxes, and to establish the Emergency State Freight Bottleneck Fund?" Fiscal Summary: "If passed, this measure will generate at least $288 million annually to the State Road Fund to provide for the funding of Missouri state law enforcement and $123 million annually to local governments for road construction and maintenance."

Who supports Proposition D

Proposition D is supported by a statewide coalition that includes farmers, business people, professional associations, labor, city and county leaders and law enforcement supporters. This diverse coalition has come together to encourage a YES vote on Proposition D because they care about public safety and they care about Missouri’s transportation infrastructure, a vital factor in our state’s economy.

What is Missouri doing to improve safety on the roads?

See our page on Safety First here.

How does the motor fuel tax benefit state law enforcement?

The Missouri Constitution requires that motor fuel tax revenues can only be used for: (1) The cost of collecting the revenue. (2) Local and state roads and bridges. (3) The Missouri State Highway Patrol, for the actual cost of enforcing Missouri’s laws on state highways. Voting YES on Proposition D means that our state law enforcement will have the funding they need to be well equipped to protect drivers and respond to accidents across the state. And that will free up more than $400 million annually that can be used for local and state roads and bridges.

How much will this cost me?

For every 2.5 cents increase in the motor fuel tax, the average driver will spend an additional $1.28 per month. When Prop D is fully phased in at 10 cents after four years, the average driver will spend $5.10 per month for safer state roads and law enforcement. Voting YES on Proposition D will cost the average driver a few dollars per month but that helps ensure safe travel to protect motorists and their families on our state’s roads and bridges. (source: http://www.modot.org/TransportationDollars/TransportationDollars.html).

How does Missouri rank nationally on motor fuel taxes?

Missouri is near the bottom - 49th in the nation - with a 17 cents per gallon motor fuel tax. And Missouri ranks 46th in the nation in revenue spent per mile. Oklahoma is no longer lower than us.

When was the motor fuel tax last raised?

The 17 cents per gallon state tax was established in 1996. Adjusted for inflation, today’s 17 cents fuel tax is worth about 7 cents in 1996 dollars.

Where can I send a donation?

SAFERMO.COM, PO Box 7653, Columbia, MO 65203 or donate online at http://www.safermo.com/donate/

What are the components of the bill? What is the Special Olympic, Paralympic, and Olympic prize tax exemption and the Emergency State Freight Bottleneck Fund?

The transportation components of Proposition D were amended onto House Bill 1460 during legislative session and that is how the bill came to have three major components. The Special Olympic, Paralympic, and Olympic prize tax exemptions ensure that Olympians do not have to pay state income taxes on their medal or cash prizes awarded by the U.S. Olympic Committee. The Emergency State Freight Bottleneck Fund is set up to pair state general revenue (not road fund money) with local and federal funding to address extreme freight bottlenecks found at some major highway intersections. The major component of the bill is raising the state motor fuels tax to fund state law enforcement and both state and local roads and bridge maintenance and construction.

What projects will be paid for by Proposition D?

Proposition D will accelerate the state's State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP), a plan put together by local leaders across the state. Missouri's STIP can be found at https://www.modot.org/statewide-transportation-improvement-program-stip.